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Pick up & Delivery

Getting You On Your Way With Safety

We believe in the importance of providing a safe environment for our customers, contractors and staff.

Using forklifts, cranes, cutting equipment as well as manually handling steel can be high-risk activities if not managed properly. As such, we aim to reduce the risks associated with these hazards by following strict processes and procedures when manuoervuing products. We pride ourselves on making sure you are safe and your product is received in excellent condition.

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements (PPE)


    • If you are required to enter the warehouse or yard storage facilities, appropriate footwear, preferably enclosed, must be worn. Bare feet are not permitted. You will also be offered a high-visibility vest, hardhat and safety glasses for your protection.


    • If you are required to touch/handle steel product, gloves must be worn. We are happy to provide these to you on loan for the duration of your visit.


    • We also distribute a range of PPE at our branches.



Delivery Guidelines

General Delivery Advice

Midalia Steel offers a comprehensive delivery service to our customers. Our drivers will always try to deliver the product safely and free from damage. However at time this is not possible, whilst we will make every effort to accomodate your needs, if we are unable to do so we will return the product to our store so alternative arrangements can be made.

Access, Unloading & Egress

    • Exclusion zones must be observed during vehicle loading and unloading. For their safety, children and pets should be supervised and kept well clear of truck operations.


    • The driver must be able to unload clear of obstructions such as buildings, trees, vehicles and powerline danger zones. A minimum 2m clearance is required on either side of the truck when the hiab is operated. Dependent on voltage, further clearance may be required for powerlines.


    • Our trucks and their loads weigh in excess of 10 tonne: they can get bogged in soft ground or damage sealed driveways. Firm and even ground is required for safe outrigger placement.



Customer Pickup Guidelines

Please ensure you have read and understood our Customer Pick-Up Guidelines before making your collection.

Customer Pickup Guidelines

    • For your safety and in order to provide you with the best possible service, please report directly to the sales office when you enter the site.


    • Direct entry to the warehouse or outside storage facilities is not permited.


    • Children and pets must be directly supervised at all times.


    • You will be instructed by a staff member to follow our guidelines whilst making your collection.



Vehicle Loading & Restraint

Your vehicle will be loaded by our staff in accordance with Main Roads Policy. Please click on the links below to review our Vehicle Safety Guides.

Vehicle Safety Standards

Overhang Limits and Load Restraint

    • Please ensure that you have load restraint equipment appropriate for your vehicle and the load.


    • Webbing straps are the preferred method of restraint for most small and mixed loads, load restraint equipment such as webbing can also be purchased from our sales office.