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About Midalia Steel

Our Company Core Values are defined by our people; so when you see our "Vision Statement" and "Value Truss" on the wall, you can be assured these communicate how we feel about our business, our customers and each other.

Midalia Steel is Western Australia's premier supplier of steel products and has been operating since 1951.

With 11 branches across the state, Midalia Steel is a major supplier to the 'DIY', fabrication, manufacturing and building markets. Providing an extensive range of products for most projects in steel.


Who we are mmMate...

Midalia Steel is one of the largest steel suppliers in WA, with 11 branches positioned in rural and metro areas. We may be big, but we are really a collection of smaller, community based branches.

Our range is larger than any other steel distributor and caters for the regions we operate in. We believe in getting quality brands and products, ones that will last the harsh state we live in. We keep heaps of steel items like: RHS, flat bars, angle and pipe.

If you want to cut, fasten or weld it, we probably have that on the floor too. If you want to clad it, frame it, put a fence around it or put a roof over it your in the right place mmMate!! We like to think if we don't have it, we will get it for you. We offer simple processing in store and can offer more comprehensive processing via our partners.

If you can't pick up the goods you want, no problem - WE DELIVER! We have one of the most competitive delivery rates around, and our CRANE trucks make handling easy.

Why Choose Us

Supply steel since 1951

In August 1951, with only £92 of capital Roy & Leon Midalia set up Midalia Bros with a 6m x 12m shed and one truck.

Steel processing

We can cut your steel to length in store and work with a range of partners for all your processing requirements.

Secure order online

Rest assured your information is kept safe and secure when you order steel products online.

Delivered to your door

Every one of our products can be cut to size and delivered right to your doorstep so sit back and get your steel delivered.

Meet Bruce!

Meet Bruce, our Blue Heeler, who embodies the qualities we see in Midalia Steel. Just like him, we're energetic and lively, serving diverse markets with a wide range of products. We're like Blue Heelers in big backyards, covering Western Australia with our steel delivery trucks, even to places others skip. Our team's smarts match the Blue Heeler's intelligence, helping us handle various steel products. Loyalty, a shared trait, is our bond with customers, and going the extra mile sets us apart. Just like Bruce, we're true-blue Aussies, with half our branches in rural towns, employing locals, and contributing to our communities.


A brand of InfraBuild

Midalia Steel became a brand of InfraBuild in 2003. As a supplier of quality steel products to the Western Australia market, Midalia Steel is a key part of InfraBuild's Distribution and Processing operations.