Midalia Steel donates to local community

Community Resource Centre

Last Month, our Midalia Steel team in Wagin donated $2,000 to their local Community Resource Centre (CRC). The CRC connects the local community to a range of services including technology support services for seniors, training and skill development classes, crafting classes for kids as well as educational events and seminars for teenagers. Our donation will…

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Midalia steel building after 70 years

70 years young and steel the one, Midalia steel

When brothers Roy and Leon Midalia first started collecting scrap metal in 1951, little did they know their family business would grow into one of WA’s largest steel suppliers. Launched with one truck, a 6 m x 12 m shed and only £92, the brothers started scouring the South West – buying scrap metal, collecting…

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Saving Australia’s Black Cockatoos


Black Cockatoos are a feature of the diversity in bird and animal species found in Australia. Yet, like around the world, bird species are in decline with many becoming endangered or extinct. One such species is the Carnaby’s Cockatoo (Calyptorhychus latirostris), one of three species of Western Australian (WA) Forest Black Cockatoos. Carnaby’s Cockatoos stand…

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Midalia Steel Proudly Sponsors Men’s Sheds

Sponser of Mens sheds workshop

Founded in 1998, Men’s Sheds is a non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to providing a space for retired men. Throughout its more than 1000 locations, the organisation provides a place where older men can engage in woodwork, metalwork, painting and music, or even just an environment to talk and relax in. The group also contributes to…

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